Mar 7, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Star Se-Trek-Ster
Joe: Captain Obama, we are orbiting the planet "America"! 
Joe: Captain, sensors show a Republican ship entering orbit. 
Obama: Mr. Biden, bring their captain up on the main screen. 
John: Hands off this planet, Obama. It belong to the Republicans. 
Obama: Nonsense, Boehener-Ulan! It wants the policies of the Democratic Federation. 
John: Then prepare for battle!
Obama: No! We can negotiate! 
Yoda: Hmm...Yes. Compromise we must. 
Darth Vader: No! No negotiations! 
John: They would drag on forever! 
Obama: Okay, then let's set a deadline! 
Obama: If we haven't reached a deal in 24 hours, we'll agree to do something about the situation NEITHER of us wants! 
John: Most interesting. What would that be? 
Obama: We'll destroy 2% of the planet with our photon torpedoes! 
Robot: Danger, Captain! Danger!
Obama: Don't worry, Robot! It will never come to that! 
24 Hours Later - 
Obama: Really! You won't agree to ANY new space revenues?! 
George Jetson: None? 
John: Nope. Not a single one. 
Alien: Time's up. Open fire. 
Obama: Oh. Okay, alien. 
Obama: How can I stop this? 
Harry Potter: Shall I try a Jedi mindmeld legilmens spell, sir? 
Obama: Oh, come on! One slightly botched science fiction reference, and I have to put up with this?
Mar 14, 2013
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