Jan 18, 2013
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tom the dancing bug by ruben bolling
australopithecine 'tude for the homo sapien dude
dig this ape-man's pliocene scene!
this week's guest, mark, has a big first date and really wants to impress!
charley: okay, you may be in the home genus, but i can work with you.
mark: thanks, charley!
mark's apartment? far too complicated!
charley: we're tearing everything down!
hint: leaving a few bones strewn casually around shows her you've got the goods to hunt!
you've got to ocnvince her you have alpha-male charisma! loud noises and stick-waving are effective.
mark: hoo hoo!
charley: no, no. lower... hoooo!
assert dominance over passersby in a dignified but decisive manner.
charley: hey, they do this in football all the time!
passerby: what th...?!
here's the test --  the big night! and he's learned well!
hoo hoo hoo
it worked!
charley: surprised? well, turns out he drives a beemer.
hint: displays of power and access to abundant resources work in any epoch!
Jan 25, 2013
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