Sep 14, 2012
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tom the dancing bug by ruben bolling
wall street journal comix
presents lucky ducky again!
ducky: gotcha!
oop: the plan to exempt dividends from taxation is great!
friend: we'll save millions!
hound: don't be naive! this plan is designed to help lucky ducky!
friend: but lucky ducky is poor -- he doesn't own any stock!
hound: lucky ducky always finds a way to come out on top!
eight years later...
friend: do't you love tax-free dividends now?
hound: yes! i'm using some of the savings to build a guest mansion! how is the construction coming?
worker: just fine! we clear-cut a few acres of forest... ...and the golf course will go here!
worker: now, here...
oop: excuse me, mr. foreman, the port-a-johns are all clean!
hound: that voice!
worker: oh, alright, here you go!
hound: noooo! lucky ducky!!
ducky: thanks for the trickledown, bub! gotcha!
Sep 21, 2012
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