Jan 24, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
"The Education of Louis"
Boy: Hey, Louis. You waiting for your ride? 
Louis: Huh? Yeah. 
Boy: What'd you just stuff into your pockets there?
Louis: My pockets? 
Louis: Oh, these. Yeah, they're collector's items I'm going to sell on eBay. I was examining their condition. 
Boy: What are they? 
Louis: They're called figures or figurines or something, from the Star Wars movies. 
Boy: Huh. How much you get for 'em? 
Boy #2: Lemme. 
Louis: Well, I bought them for $15 from a dude in Summit...
Louis: I'm pretty sure I'll get $50. 
Boy: Fifty bucks?! 
Louis: Yeah, it's sort of a side business. 
Boy: Sweet. 
Boy #2: Not even in-box! 
Louis: Yeah, I guess some doofuses really go for this stuff. 
Boy: Well, it's not really $35 profit -- who pays shipping? 
Louis: Um, eBay pays for shipping. Yeah, so it's total profit. 
Boy: You think you could get me in on this kind of thing? 
Louis: We could talk about it. 
Boy #1: Cool. See ya, Maltby. 
Boy #2: $35! Sounds like bull. 
Louis: Yeah. 
Louis: Whew. 
Louis: Look out! Noooo! Pow!
Jan 31, 2010
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