New Adventures of Queen Victoria by Pab Sungenis for August 14, 2013

  1. Ricky ricardo oh lucy
    edclectic  almost 11 years ago

    You can’t compare grobans to biebers.

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  2. Right here
    Sherlock Watson  almost 11 years ago

    I’ll just keep listening to my Hollies CD.

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  3. 5446d001 5a98 4b64 8030 f545c7f6eae0
    MD Bear Premium Member almost 11 years ago

    I have suggested in the past that the unit of perkiness be the “Chenoweth”

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  4. Missing large
    vwdualnomand  almost 11 years ago

    but, she don’t know that is beautiful, because she is insecure and doesn’t know what for. the way she flips her hair makes one overwhelmed. one thing they don’t know about is live while we’re young.

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  5. 420686 10201171188191447 913820625 n 5
    meowlin  almost 11 years ago

    Bieber was talented enough to give even his detractors what they wanted to see when he suggested the nature of his CSI character’s death.

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  6. Jack benny 02
    Kali39  almost 11 years ago

    Six Degrees of Justin Bieber. The more they connect, the more useless and untalented they are. Or am I thinking of the Kardashian list?

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  7. Wolfie
    todyoung  almost 11 years ago

    Did you happen to catch the video of Lady Gaga singing with Tony Bennett?

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  8. David00a
    David Bethke Premium Member almost 11 years ago

    I’m looking forward to Friday’s punchline to the whole thing (I hope)!

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