Stone Soup by Jan Eliot for March 07, 2009


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  1. Missing large
    Florea  about 12 years ago

    Beautiful, and right: decent living conditions, decent wages, justice and safety for all. That’s all feminism is about.

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  2. Like sisters  anime
    Net1360  about 12 years ago

    Let’s just stop worrying about the economy and things will get better. Becuse the more we worry about it, the worse it will get.

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  3. White rose avatar
    ana_demeter  about 12 years ago

    Apparently the original idea of using International Women’s Day as a time of industrial and domestic inaction never came about- very likely because the world would grind to a halt if they did!

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  4. Img 0620 1
    tabbylynn  about 12 years ago


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  5. Safetymeasurerw3
    TiggerLeBounce  about 12 years ago

    Well spoken, Mom.

    Girls, Listen!

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  6. Missing large
    grrlpup  about 12 years ago

    Yuck. How about a view of women that’s not All About The CHILLLLDREN? Like, maybe women have value as human beings themselves? There’s already a Mother’s Day.

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  7. Missing large
    Mkim1526  about 12 years ago


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  8. Warthog
    wndrwrthg  about 12 years ago

    Would she have said that to any male children? Let us have an International PEOPLES Day.

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  9. Funny avatar 1631
    snapper1  about 12 years ago

    A couple of days ago, aerwalt said love your eye. Yes, I do too. It’ especially attractive right in the middle of my forehead. Who said that three’s a crowd???

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  10. Default profile normal
    MarcAureleus984  over 3 years ago

    Well, GRRLPUP, Val’s a mom talking to kids. But, frankly, marginalizing anyone who can strengthen our society, and add their mite to our united lives’ betterment is a misstep. Many families would benefit if the female adult(s) in them had more education, more opportunities, and more choice.

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