Oct 28, 2013
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halloween spooktacular
3 short tales of terror

man: eeek
house of creeping cottonballs
a kindergartner brings home an innocent-seem-ing class project that comes to life, expand-ing uncontrollably until the whole house is a heaving mass of cottonballs, glitter & glue!

woman: eeeek
cat: please, i'm trying to read.
the uncanny nap
this lady wake sup from a brief nap to find herself in a parallel universe where cats control all the media! garfield is twice as ubiquitous & advertising is done with dangly pieces of string!

man 2: eek
lower level
you are here
parking lot
mall of the damned
a guy goes to the mall to take ad-vantage of a sale on men's pants. but he gets lost & wanders for days! then he finds a map that says he's in hell! and all the pants on sale are relaxed fit wide-wale corduroy in "sphagnum green"!
Nov 19, 2013
Small u 201701251614

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