Oct 22, 2016
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Man:  Sir, you say you want to build a giant wall between the U.S. and Mexico? 
Rat:  Yes. A big pretty wall. 
Man:  But don't a large percentage of illegal immigrants come by air? 
Rat:  Yes. So I will build a floating wall in the air to block their immigrant planes. 
Man:  But don't some come bye sea? 
Rat:  Yes. So I will build walls along our beaches. 
Man:  But what if people climb over the walls? 
Rat:  I will build walls on top of walls. 
Man 2:  But what if they dig under? 
Rat:  I will build under the walls! 
Man:  But what if they-- 
Rat:  I will go into Mexico and build four walls so closely around every man, woman, and child that they can't even bend over to sneeze!!!! 
Man:  What if we just built a wall around him? 
Man 2:  One step ahead of you. 
Rat:  And don't call me racist. I eat at Taco Bell twice a week.
Oct 24, 2016
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