Mar 29, 2014
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Goat: Where are you taking me?
Rat: Remember when the word 'Stewardess' became 'flight attendant'?
Goat: Yeah.
Rat: And 'secretary' became 'administrative assistant'? And 'maid' became 'housekeeper'? And 'midget' became 'little person'? 
Goat: Yeah. So?
Rat: So this is the guy who decides all that.
Willy: Behold! I am Willy, the word decider!
Goat: So how do you decide all that, Willy?
Willy: I dunno.
Goat: Well, that seems kind of stupid.
Willy: 'Stupid' is out! 'Smartless' is in!
Goat; We should do something about Willy.
Rat: Don't be smartless.
Mar 31, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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