Aug 3, 2013
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Goat:  My building superintendent is visiting me today. He's that eccentric guy from California who walks around with a female deer.
Rat:  Is he the guy you call 'Cali'?
Goat:  Yeah. And it's always scary when the super wants to visit. I fear he's raise my rent.
Cali:  Hello, Goat.
Goat:  Oh, hello, Cali.
Cali:  Bad news, Goat. Your apartment is just too expensive to repair. The fragile thing is falling apart. So I'm gonna have to list it for sale, and you'll need to move out. If you object, you can expect a visit from our lawyer, Allie.
Goat:  Super Cali...Fragile?...List it?!
Deer:  Expect Allie.
Goat:  Doe, shush!
Rat:  Mary Poppins asked me to kick your @#@.
Aug 5, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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