Jun 29, 2013
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Goat:  Where you off to, Pig?
Pig:  Me and Zebra are going to see a herd of cattle that used to belong to the character 'Hoss' on 'Bonanza'.
Goat:  What for?
Pig:  They're super smart. Every member of the herd is a real whiz at doing tricks, communicating, all sorts of stuff.
Goat:  And they just perform for anyone?
Pig:  No. You have to bring one deer that the whole herd can eat first.
Goat:  That's odd. I didn't think cattle normally ate meat.
Zebra:  Me either. That's why I want to go.
Rat:  Where you going?
Pig:  We're off to see the whiz herd. The one-deer-full whiz herd of Hoss.
Rat:  Ding dong the cartoonist is dead.
Jul 1, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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