Sep 3, 2011
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"Story Update: Melvin the crocodile has been selected by the other crocs to have a bomb strapped to his chest, in order that he might blow up a large wall built by Zebra to protect his property. With the bomb set to explode, Melvin walks back inside the crocs' house to take a potty break, and will not come out until he has finished the New York Times Sunday crossword."
Melvin:  Okay...uh...let's see...three letter word beginning wid 'E'...clue is 'Garden of Eden woomun.'
Crocodile:  Bomb about start final countdown Melvin!
Melvin:  Hmmmm...'Garden of Eden woomun'...'Garden of Eden woomun'...
Crocodile:  Myrtle! Gladys! Talula!
Melvin:  You right!
Crocodile:  Me right about woomun?!
Melvin:  About bomb start final countdown.
Crocodile:  Somehow dat not very satisfying.
Sep 5, 2011
Small u 201701251613

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