Jul 1, 2011
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The latest issue of NEWSWEEK imagines what Princess Di would be doing today if she wasn't, you know, dead. 
Princess Diana: Posing with Apple products, I'm sure. 
Editor Tina Brown: 
Tina Brown: She'd be tweeting from Davos, dressing in Galliano...
And other things I like to do. 
One wonders: if Anne Frank and JFK weren't taken from us, how hip would they be? 
Anne Frank: Pitchfork gave the new STROKES album a 5.9!
John F. Kennedy: Too generous! Here - let's Pandora some MF DOOM. 
Or, if Tina Brown's taste hadn't been tragically killed, what would it tweet? 
Busy busy on the new issue! Lots of non-deads doing things, it turns out. 
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Jul 6, 2011
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