Mar 8, 2014
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Bucky: Curse that Rob, he tricked me into eating my tuna on bread. It's a sadwich now.
Satch: Maybe you're gluten intolerant.
Bucky: What is gluten?
Satchel: It's what they make bread out of.
Bucky: In that case, I'm gluten furious, it tastes like eating carpet remnants.
Satch: Here, I'll eat the bread, what's the problem?
Bucky: It blotted all the juice out of my tuna! Its essence is gone! I feel like dracula suckin' on a mummy!
Satchel: Your analogies disturb me.
Bucky: They're supposed to, they aren't banal-ogies.
Satchel: I guess it's as smooth as a baby but something else, too.
Bucky: Huh? What is?
Satchel: Your tuna sandwich it's one nice thing buuut... other bad things, too.
Satchel: Your tuna sandwich. It's one nice thing buuuut... Other bad things, too.
Bucky: The saying is smooth as a baby's rump butt. Not a baby's however butt. It means something is good.
Satchel: Oh. I thought it was, like, smooth as a baby buuut... Also stinky or something. I don't know what Bucky's complaining about, this bread does taste like a baby's butt!
Mar 10, 2014
Small u 201701251613

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