Jul 14, 2012
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Rob: Here you go!
Satchel: You have the first one!
Rob: I'm about to flip mine.
Satchel: You're so nice, but I insist, you first.
Bucky: And so goes the proverbial Massachussan standoff.
Rob: What?
Bucky: Perhaps if you offer Satchel some money, too, he'll take your free pancake.
Satchel: What's your point?
Bucky: Even though you're spineless, you liberals still can't bend over backward far enough for each other. The pancake simply adds that ironic image of flip-flopping.
Satchel: You flip your bacon on the stove, too.
Bucky: Not when I eat it raw.
Satchel: You never eat raw bacon.
Bucky: Yeah? Watch how a true conservative eats bacon!
Rob: How's our true conservative doin'?
Satchel: Head in a bucket.
Jul 16, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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