Aug 19, 2012
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Denise: Name the three hunkiest sophomores.
Paige: Richie Munroe, Randy Kurtz, and Scotty Stevens.
Denise: Correct! Which member of the football team has the cutest eyebrows?
Paige: Chris Stroub. 
Denise: Correct! Name the four perfect - 10s in the senior class. 
Paige: Mike Holkins, Mateo Inman, Brad Kellett and Ron Josenberg. 
Denise: Bzzzt! Wrong! Brad Kellett is a junior.
Paige: Aaaa! I knew that! 
Denise: He IS a 10 though. 
Paige: Ok, I'll quiz you now. 
Denise: Sometimes I think we study more before the school year than during it.
Paige: True/false: The debate team has the best lips.
Sep 2, 2012
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