Calvin and Hobbes for July 26, 2010

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  1. Veggie tales
    Yukoner  about 8 years ago

    And I bet Dad has innovative ideas about you and some other things as well.

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  2. Cutiger
    rentier GC Insider about 8 years ago

    Innovative ideas about allowance! Great!

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  3. Missing large
    Sylvannis  about 8 years ago

    Good morning everybody! Calvin, you’re pushing it.

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  4. Wolf3
    COWBOY7 GC Insider about 8 years ago

    Bedtime is not the best time for discussing your allowance, Calvin. Where is your agent Hobbes at?

    G’Morning, Mike, Marg & Grog!

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  5. Missing large
    Sylvannis  about 8 years ago

    what, no good morning for me? puts nose up in air. I’m leaving!

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  6. Globe eagle anchor
    ben_david  about 8 years ago

    I’d still love to hear a 6-year-old talk that way.

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  7. Missing large
    Puddleglum2  about 8 years ago

    Polls of “household” 6-year-olds should be taken seriously. That’s a ‘leading’ question, Dad! Are you evading the issue? With Calvin, you never know what the issue might be. It could be worms in Dad’s creel, but should we make ‘allowance’ for him?

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  8. Purposeinc wolf
    ladywolf17  about 8 years ago

    That’s are Calvin. :-)

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  9. Jar jar binkskl
    Tineli  about 8 years ago

    Love the pencil behind Calvin’s ear…

    Good morning everybody!

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  10. Cnh
    moronbis  about 8 years ago

    You said it Tineli… Dad you should be serious about the allowance… Calvin might keep live worms in your…

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  11. Avatar 4519
    Dino-1  about 8 years ago

    If we’re going in order than the kids got, “big ones”, for even bringing anything like that up after what he just did to the family car!

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  12. Maine coon
    harrietbe  about 8 years ago

    Calvin is so precocious! My favorite line is “If we can be serious for a moment….” Sounds like a lawyer.

    Somehow, i don’t think we’re going in order. Even Calvin wouldn’t be that insensitive and ungrateful.

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  13. Owls 96
    gjsjr41  about 8 years ago

    One never knows about that little guy.

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  14. Missing large
    jonathan.james  about 8 years ago

    He so much reminds me of a little fellow my wife “nannies”, who’s five, and does indeed have a vocabulary not unlike Calvin’s. It’s a marvel listening to him, sometimes, though once in a while he gets the meanings wrong, a little, but he tries … . remarkable kid.

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  15. 046
    Dkram  about 8 years ago

    Calvin, don’t push it, a snowball would have a better chance of survival in that other place.

    And a good morning to you, Sylvannis.


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  16. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  about 8 years ago

    Ahh! I remember how that dime/week could disappear with the crack of an antique vase Speaking of crack, the car?

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  17. Cicada
    larney45  about 8 years ago

    No worries about the car…out of “fright,” out of mind…

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  18. Sia 2
    StarChic  about 8 years ago

    Calvin, I don’t think you should talk about an allowance, after almost ruining your dads car….

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  19. 85687b49dadc69f9a2841bdc1f655d095832d649 hq
    gaebie  about 8 years ago

    One innovative idea for his allowance is to take out of it the tow bill for when Calvin pushed the car into the ditch. Oh how soon he forgets.

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  20. Ngc891 rs 580x527
    alan.gurka  about 8 years ago

    Who were surveyed? Let me guess: Calvin & Hobbes?

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  21. Bth baby puppies1111111111 1
    kab2rb  about 8 years ago

    What Calvin really wants is some of his dad’s time and play time.

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  22. 5346ae65734b4d0e82350407ef0d8e00 250
    cleokaya  about 8 years ago

    Household 6 - year - olds, makes that a survey of one.

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  23. Abe
    TN-REDD  about 8 years ago

    Me, being a south paw, couldn’t help but to notice where Calvin’s pencil is.. Does that make him a lefty???

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  24. 200px rorschach blot 01
    ses1066  about 8 years ago

    Has Calvin been reading about the French Revolution?

    This approach so reminds me of “… il nous faut de l’audace, encore de l’audace, et toujours de l’audac …” [“… we need audacity, still more audacity, and audacity forever …”]

    Calvin is the very definition of selfish audacity [aka a normal 6 year old boy].

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  25. Christmas bear
    mark.parkhill  about 8 years ago

    After the car in the ditch stunt, I think doing a poll right now would be a little pre-mature, Calivn!

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  26. Missing large
    bredbox  about 8 years ago

    Great way to follow up after putting the car into the ditch!!

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  27. Missing large
    Puddleglum2  about 8 years ago

    Linda Arney, But your pun IS frightful, and that’s scary! You realize that this is a ‘car’toon, so ditch the puns! :o)

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  28. Missing large
    gvbarb  about 8 years ago

    TN-REDD – yes, I’ve seen Calvin do left-handed things at other times in this strip. Maybe that means Bill Watterson is a leftie too?

    PS So am I — “left-handed people are in their right mind”

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  29. Sofa mutt2
    mike.firesmith  about 8 years ago

    **Good morning Marg! Good morning Fran and Kizzzy! Good Morning L’Wolf! Good Morning Grog!**

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  30. Coffee turtle avatar
    coffeeturtle  about 8 years ago

    “If we can be serious for a moment…” :-D

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  31. Abe
    TN-REDD  about 8 years ago

    gvbarb You are so right . Right -handed people use the left side of the brain and the opposite is true for lefties. Therefore we truley are in our right minds !!!!!

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  32. Old joe
    ratlum  about 8 years ago

    Great information but I dont its going to help you at the moment. Dads heard some of this before from Mom I bet.

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  33. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  about 8 years ago

    I agree with others here: after the Car-in-the-ditch incident last week, and the still unexplained worm fiasco, Calvin had better not push the allowance allotment.

    TN-REDD & gvbarb, what about us ambis? I, personally speaking, have a perfectly unbalanced mind.

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  34. Th giraffe
    lazygrazer  about 8 years ago

    Calvin is an incredibly precocious 6 year old. I didn’t learn about extortion until I was 8.

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  35. Adhdshirt  324x324   324x324   324x324   167x150
    bossyheifer  about 8 years ago

    Allowance? At six? The only money I made at that age came from the tooth fairy!

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  36. Th
    marvee GC Insider about 8 years ago

    Good afternoon, EVERYONE. I was wondering, too, about the order of the strips, Good comments, EVERYONE.

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  37. Missing large
    khpage  about 8 years ago

    Clearly Calvin’s father has not gone out to the garage, and Calvin’s mother is keeping “mum” about the whole thing. In the meantime, the lawyer/bureaucrat in Calvin is getting a little excercise…I mean, they do call it “practice” don’t they?

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  38. Foxhound1
    bald  about 8 years ago

    TN-REDD & gvbarb, everyone is born right handed. it is just us competent people who can overcome that obstacle

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  39. What has been seen t1
    lewisbower  about 8 years ago

    Sinister vs dexterous. Which do you choose?

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  40. Gedc0161
    gofinsc  about 8 years ago

    I once saw a greeting card which said everybody was left-handed until they committed their first sin. As a lefty, I wanted to get it for my left-handed girlfriend, but I was afraid my right-handed wife would find out.

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  41. Steve1a  2
    JP Steve  about 8 years ago

    Some time ago I thought Calvin might be a fellow leftie. I checked my C&H library and found he favours the left but is in fact ambisinistrous.

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  42. Grog   droob color
    GROG GC Insider about 8 years ago

    My dad seemed to come up short in that area, too.

    Good evening, Marg, Mike & ♠Lonewolf♠

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  43. Duke thumb
    -DukeNukem-  about 8 years ago

    The truth would hurt here, but Dad never even listens to Calvin, so in on ear and out with a threat. This could have been a learning moment, but…

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