Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson for May 28, 2009

  1. Emerald
    margueritem  almost 15 years ago

    I just don’t see that one happening, Calvin.

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  2. Foxhound1
    bald  almost 15 years ago

    and i doubt if not making your bed will fly either

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  3. Black wolf
    wolfbyte36  almost 15 years ago

    c’mon dad play along with Calvin, father and son moments make life long memories that you both can look upon some day and have a good laugh. Man I wish I had that with my father. He left out of my life when I was five, so I have very few memories of him.

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  4. 5346ae65734b4d0e82350407ef0d8e00 250
    cleokaya  almost 15 years ago

    Sorry for that wolf. Calvin’s dad is at least listening and responding to the list. I think he probably had a list of his own as a child.

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  5. Me9
    ramchandani_h  almost 15 years ago

    Dad “is” playing with Calvin.. no??

    Ohh. you mean the ‘Calvin’ way! :P


    “…Rocket you to victory” = LOVE THE DIALOGUE!

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  6. Img 1913
    nuratiqah.diyana  almost 15 years ago

    calvin is very persuasive for a kid his size

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  7. Work
    Wodehouse  almost 15 years ago

    nw he’s getting to the point

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  8. Veggie tales
    Yukoner  almost 15 years ago

    Mom has gone silent in the last few strips. Bet she has a list of her own …………. for each of them.

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  9. Missing large
    unclefrank22801  almost 15 years ago

    Mom’s silent ‘cuz she’s at the local bar…where I would be if I had a kid as crazy fun as Calvin !

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  10. Av 5363
    prasrinivara  almost 15 years ago

    Are you sure that some of those are from dad Calvin?

    On the nail doctortoon–especially since dad can make promises on something (such as the mandatory school attendance) over which he actually has no control.

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  11. Missing large
    dernhelm  almost 15 years ago

    Gotta love a universe where “Dad” is an elected position.

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  12. Missing large
    Leonardeuler  almost 15 years ago

    Calvin, we see you don’t like any rules at home. Why don’t you leave ? Take your sled, your space helmet, your dart gun, some comic books, a few sandwhiches and take off to the Yukon. Don’t take Hobbes with you, otherwise you’ll get into trouble anyway ……………..

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  13. Cd
    jelzap  almost 15 years ago

    how about no more baths?

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  14. Just checkin
    Northwoodser  almost 15 years ago

    Whether or not they play the game, more Dads should just be there.

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  15. Kitty at sunset
    wicky  almost 15 years ago

    How about if Dad doesn’t kick him out.

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  16. 00000
    alondra  almost 15 years ago

    Love the first frame. “If you want to stay, Dad…” This kills me. If I’d spoken to my father this way he’d have nailed my butt to the wall. Calvin you should want Dad to stay, he pays the bills ok?

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  17. Calvin 20naked 20resize
    Mowgli-Chiara  almost 15 years ago

    LOL, he cannot do a book report or a bug’s collection, but he really is doing a good job now, he has prepared a good presentation

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  18. Dscf0004
    ninmas  almost 15 years ago

    i’m sorry about your dad, wolf.

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  19. Wolf3
    COWBOY7  almost 15 years ago

    You still have to convince the running mate(mom)!

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  20. Picture 015
    madampresident  almost 15 years ago

    Dad would never say yes to the school thing because he knows what would happen if mom had to be home alone with Calvn all day, every day. My dad would have ended the conversation with the first sentence. He was a great dad but did not believe that children should be allowed to tell adults what to do.

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  21. Missing large
    aelwero  almost 15 years ago

    your father sounds like a smart guy madam, children shouldn’t be allowed to tell parents what to do. 99% of the time I react just like calvin’s dad, just play along patiently. The only two things my kids stand in the corner for is lying and trying to tell an adult what to do. They can make their own decisions affecting themselves for the most part, as long as they can tell the truth and take the responsibility and the lecture for it when they go wrong, but they should learn that it isn’t right or fair to go dictating what others do with their lives.

    I think calvin’s dad’s patience is the coolest.

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  22. Wolf3
    COWBOY7  almost 15 years ago

    madampresident & aelwero: I totally agree with both of you.

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  23. Giant tuba
    musicnut1986  almost 15 years ago

    If I spoke to my dad that way I would not be able to sit for a week.

    I really like the way Calvin is looking over his shoulder with a “will it work?” look in the forth frame. Even Calvin knows when he is pushing the envelope of acceptable behaviour.

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  24. Yellow pig small
    bmonk  almost 15 years ago

    Did Calvin mention broccoligate? A reduction of bath time to once per year?

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  25. Cutiger
    rentier  almost 15 years ago

    Calvin and Hobbes is wonderful, my favourit!

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  26. Th giraffe
    lazygrazer  almost 15 years ago

    I like the way dad placates his kid’s adolescent rants.

    My dad didn’t have much of a sense of humor….which often cost me dearly in the end.

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  27. Images7
    harveyv  almost 15 years ago

    Dad looks like he’d might like to repeal a few of Calvins rights. This could backfire on him.

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  28. Image001
    grammahotsho  almost 15 years ago

    Grazer, I think we all know which end…but that’s not a parental right anymore!

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  29. Missing large
    CINDYNDSFO79  almost 15 years ago

    Nice try, Calv.

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  30. Stupendousman
    stupendousman6  almost 15 years ago

    At least for us mandatory school is over. HAPPY SUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  31. Missing large
    watsduo  almost 15 years ago

    Calvin’s clipboard is a nice touch!

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  32. Missing large
    jabo  almost 15 years ago

    I have had a technical error adding a Toles-strip and Go-Comics has been neglecting to assist me.

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  33. P1220309
    BaconNEggs  almost 15 years ago

    ignorant, stupid, opinionated, wrong, and hopelessly confused. corpuskevin must be a democrat. ur stupid “corpuskevin” XP

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  34. 004copy
    tamsin  almost 15 years ago

    the thing is- Calvin is his dad in miniature… look in the mirror Dad- there he is

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  35. Veggie tales
    Yukoner  almost 15 years ago

    Corpuskevin, thanks for a good laugh.

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  36. Missing large
    Actionguy  almost 15 years ago

    The joys of fatherhood.

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  37. Missing large
    vikas_titans  almost 15 years ago

    haha.. Calvin, I love the adjectives you use.. though your dad is not going to get convinced!

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