Ballard Street by Jerry Van Amerongen for January 13, 2009


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  1. Emerald
    margueritem  over 11 years ago

    Bring it on.

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  2. Warthog
    wndrwrthg  over 11 years ago

    Fastest bumbershoots in the west.

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  3. Lady with a bow
    ejcapulet  over 11 years ago

    He’d love eastern cities on the coast of China during rainy season. It can rain down, up (the rain hits so hard that it bounces right back up again so raincoats are useless), or from any direction; sometimes more than one at once!

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  4. Foxhound1
    bald  over 11 years ago

    in the Philippines it could be raining on one side of the street and sunny on the other

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  5. Missing large
    kimegoraya  over 11 years ago

    What does he mean? Rain? Where does he live? California, where it NEVER rains (allegedly)? Rain 121 days in a row? I dared the Rain to keep up after the first 40 days, I lost! Sunny California? I double dare you, and give us climate, not 85 degrees in January, dare you to go below 40 degrees, but what to wear?

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  6. Catsanddogsportrait
    DennisinSeattle Premium Member over 1 year ago

    With his right hand, Arthur controls the heavy duty umbrella awarded to him by the 3rd Ancient Order of Weather Deniers, Ballard County Chapter. With his left hand, he employs the pink parasol inherited from his dear mother.

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  7. Sunshine   copy
    SusanSunshine Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Yaaaawnnn… um… I mean….

    Hi, everybody….

    I’m here… sort of…. this is where we’re going to post our comments on

    the Jan 13th  2019 “CLEO and COMPANY”

    (Really we are! )


    Read it first on Sherpa


    By now Claude should have learned the first rule* for pushing unfamiliar buttons:

    Rule #1 ) DON’T


    In tonight’s scenario, a label saying “Do Not Touch” should have triggered yet another rule….

    Rule #2) No, really… Don’t!


    But, like many a character before him, he has chosen to ignore the rules…. (possibly yielding to that subconscious urge, common to characters created for the purpose, to elicit a laugh from their audiences).

    I hope he doesn’t assume that his contract includes coverage for his dry cleaning… or…er.. pie cleaning bills.


    I don’t see Claude licking his lips, or Cleo rushing to sample the flavor of this pie…

    Perhaps it’s a genuine clown pie, made out of old fashioned (non-aerosol) shaving cream.

    A collectible classic!


    Speaking of collectible classics…. Dennis didn’t mention Arthur’s late 19th/ early 20th century engraved leather umbrella bandolier.

    A beautiful thing to those of the Ancient Order of Weather Deniers and to those of us who merely enjoy fine old umbrella-centric leather goods.



    These rules are mentioned in Chapter 2 section A of "The Comic Character’s Guide, ©1983, 17th (current) edition… and clearly spelled out in Appendix 31b.

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  8. Sunshine   copy
    SusanSunshine Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Right. I hear you. Don’t worry.

    I am going to bed, very soon.


    But I hope you will all meet me at my pie shop in the morning, for pie, coffee, and Cleo discussion.

    For some reason, I’m craving some nice banana cream…..

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  9. Td  2
    Rotifer I SENT MY CARD TO JFG - HAVE YOU? Thalweg Premium Member over 1 year ago


    Nighthawks has discovered the secret to the universe:

    FLOOP! = comic strip gold.

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  10. P1270496
    MontanaLady  over 1 year ago

    Well, at least Cleo was smart enough to tell Claude “No”! But did he listen? No no no!

    Love this one, NH. But next time, make it a CHOCOLATE cream pie!

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  11. P1270496
    MontanaLady  over 1 year ago

    A short personal note: MMM is still in the hospital with pneumonia. They say it takes a while. He’s VERY anxious to go home. My pain is slightly lessened, but PT seems to be working on those pesky lymph nodes.

    I’ll stop in when I can. xoxoxox

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  12. 100 6303
    Perkycat  over 1 year ago

    Once again, proving dogs are smarter than man…….(you noticed I said ‘man’)

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  13. Steve1a  2
    JP Steve Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Thanks Nighthawks, the “Do not Presses” are always fun!

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  14. Steve1a  2
    JP Steve Premium Member over 1 year ago

    Do we all now go from panel to panel checking if the fireplug and lamppost are still in the same places, or if they’re part of the “nine differences”?

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  15. P1270496
    MontanaLady  over 1 year ago

    Thanks to the entire C & C Family for all your good wishes. Yes, it is always better to be home. xoxo

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