Apr 2, 2015
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Lo, in the land of Indiana did come to a baker two men who lie with one another.

Baker: Sorry, Im not going to sell you a cake!

Yea, a new law in the land allowed the baker to discriminate against such people.

Baker: Im required to!  Its my religion!

And then did come to the baker a women with her head uncovered and he did refuse her business

Baker: wait what?

Verily, for that was explicitly prohibited by this religious sect, which he did follow strictly.

Baker: whoa! You're right...Um...

And then did come to the baker a man of great riches and many possessions,

Rich guy: My company needs 500 cakes a week!

But. lo did the righteous baker refuse his business, for he did follow all his religious texts and teachings.

Baker: Oh, come on! that camel-through-the eye-of - a needle thing isn't meant to be taken seriously!

So it came to pass that the baker had no customers , and he was soon upon bankruptcy and ruin.

And the two men who lie with each other did return to him  with a kind of patronage.

Men: wed like to buy a cake.

Baker: But...why would you forgive me?

We're required to. its our religion!

Baker: See, this takes all of the fun out of discrimination!
Apr 9, 2015
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