Apr 10, 2014
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
There was a time when the way you found out about a huge event was by someone, or the media, directly telling you what happened. 
Man: Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center. 
Man #2: !
Today, many people first glean that something important has occurred by reading the postings of those who have already learned about the event and have processed it into snarky tweets. 
If Twitter had existed in previous eras, how would you have found out about...
twitter events
Lane Hokens @CitizenLane 2m
Worst. Invitation. To. Join. A. War. Ever. 
Barbara Knowles @BarbaraK... 2m
Funny enough, Pearl Harbor is my nickname for my vagina. 
Man: ? 
Melvin @Melvin1881a 21s
"What? We've run into iceberg? I thought Jews weren't allowed in First Class!"
- Slightly Hard of Hearing Antisemitic Guy
Charles Beggins @ChazzCar... 3m
This would make a great movie about a girl on the ship falling in love with a scrappy man from steerage. Who dies. #NOT
Woman: ? 
Abner Harrison @AHForevah 54s
Looks like the Ford Theater finally staged a hit! #AndThenAFlop
Clara @TheClaraShoww 1m
RT "@AbeLincolnPOTUS: I need to go see a play like I need a hole in my head." #TooSoon?
Man: ?
Rex @Tyrannosaurus... 40s
"You know what'd be a great way to cap off a quiet Sunday? An asteroid that kills everyone." - NO. ONE. EVER
Terriblizard @The_Sesaurus 2m
That awkward moment when you realize that furry snack you're about to eat is going to survive, and you're not. 
T.Rex: ?
Apr 17, 2014
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