Mar 28, 2014
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Creationists Challenge the Teaching of Water's Freezing Point
Religious activists held a news conference to promote their demand that schools stop teaching that water freezes at 32º. 
Man #1: Look at this textbook! There's no mention that this 32º freezing point is just a theory!
Man #2: This is the result of the anti-religion intellectual elites radical secular agenda. 
Man: This 32º THEORY is full of holes! In fact, these "32 degree-ers" can't disprove that GOD simply makes it SEEM EXACTLY LIKE water freezes at 32º! 
He's tricky that way. 
Man: What can be their objection if textbooks say, "Some militant secularists BELIEVE that water freezes at 32º. The enlightened know that water freezes WHENEVER GOD WANTS IT TO!" 
Man: This transition from WATER to ICE is too complex to happen naturalistically at some random temperature. 
The creationists found unlikely support among students in China and India. 
Scientist: Yes, America, we would like very much if you would teach your children religious dogma instead of science. 
We'd like their jobs.
Apr 4, 2014
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