Dec 20, 2013
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Featuring Charley, The Prehistoric Ape-Man From The Pliocene Epoch. (As if you didn't know!)
And so Charley went out one night in search of a mate. 
Charley: Hey, it's Friday night!
An Australopithecine's instincts can't always be trusted, and Charley wastes time looking for females at a "Watering Hole."
Charley: I'll just hang around a couple more minutes...
He eventually finds his way to a more appropriate venue...
Charley: I hope none of the females here have gazelle-breath! I hate that!
Recognizing that a display of physical prowess is called upon, Charley does his best to impress. 
Charley: This oughta get 'em! 
Charley knows that the next step is demonstrating social skills. 
Charley: Sure, you could ask WHY move "Saved By The Bell" to prime time, but I say: they're in college now. It's time!
Woman: Maybe if I ignore him...
After a number of failed attempts, Charley hooks up with some other rogue males. 
Charley: All the chicks here are TALL and have completely HAIRLESS FACES
BUT a few more of these and I won't mind! HAR! HAR!
Charley gets a crucial tip...
Man: You're trying too hard too fast, man. Your goal should just be to get phone numbers! 
...and he ends the evening feeling successful -- and yet vaguely unfulfilled. 
Charley: I can't believe they left this lying around. It's a gold mine!
Dec 27, 2013
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