Jul 26, 2013
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tom the dancing bug by ruben bolling
lucky ducky the poor little duck who's rich in luck!
ducky: hey, a quarter!
hound: gimme that quarter!! hey...
press: this'll be great on youtube!
hound: the liberal media'll have a field day! oh, no! it's already started! who can help me?!
rich guy pounds poor guy!
poult: how 'bout me?!
hound: james k. poult... unbiased media chicken!
poult: i'll use my tiny media outlets to get the real story out!
wasn't it convenient for lucky ducky to get beaten up right at election time?
fox news
poult: lucky ducky was obviously faking his head wounds!
james k. poult
so hollingsworth hound beat up a duck...'s not like he drove someone into a river, or stained someone's dress...
woman: hey!
bill: uh...
hound: james k. poult was great! now let's see what the liberal media says...
tv: ...the evening news. many see the smack-down as an attempt to teach lucky ducky to fight for himself. ...while thers say it was sort of mean and perhaps motivated by greed.
hound: auggh! liberal bias!
ducky: gotcha!
the end
Aug 2, 2013
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