Aug 1, 2013
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"hoss" hound in "the farmin' life"
hound: yep, america's goin through some pretty rough times. an' there's gotta be some belt-tightenin'! i come from an america where hard work earns your daily bread! an' ya don't look to no government for help!
hound agricorp
hollingsworth hound, c.e.o.
hound: yes, farmers are the backbone of the nation. salt of the earth.
dco corp
hound: we need help to survive because of foreign competition and... it's complicated! so, throwing farmers some aid only makes sense! thanks congressman. here are those free-loaders looking to extend the food stamp part of the farm bill! get lost, bums! america can't fund this anymore!
food stamps
hound: you!! w-what are you doing here?!
farmer: i may be a farm worker... ...but i can't afford to feed my family on what you pay me! now, i've got a study that shows that the free market fails in the low-income labor market...
hound: that's not the american way! now get back to work!
the end
paid for by the committee of people who think the free market works perfectly all the time, with the one exception of the area in which they are in business.
Aug 8, 2013
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