Jan 11, 2013
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tom the dancing bug by ruben bolling
billy dare
boy adventurer with quentin
in -smugglers' cape-
ch. mvdix: the unreliable narrator!
captured! billy awakens to find himself in dr. venom's hideout! there's no hope of escape!
billy: quentin!
quentin gnashes futilely at the ropes...
billy: good job!
...and billy hatches an ill-fated plan!
stay back, quentin!
guard: what's going on in... urk!
billt: hi-yaa!
billy grabs the felled guard's weapon, but is suddenly seized by a paralyzing fear!
billy: to the vent!
he hesitantly crawls through a maze of ducts!
billy: this way, quentin!
the situation is utterly hopeless! he considers giving up.
billy: almost there!
consumed with fright, he works out the screws to a vent...
billy: this is it!
narrator: ...and pops it open, to find... ahh!
billy: got you! there. now i can concentrate.
next chapter: abrupt narrative shift!
Jan 18, 2013
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