Mar 16, 2012
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the outer reaches of plot twists
man 1: hey, man. come on in.
man 2: sorry i'm late.
narrator: consider, if you will, a young man who is about to come face-to-face with not one, but a few severely ironic plot twists!
man 1: no big deal. it's been delayed because of obama's speech. you want a beer?
man 2: whoa! what's that thing?
man 1: oh. my brain in a beaker.
man 2: huh?
oop: it's a disembodied brain, stimulated by a computer to believe it's a functioning person, but it's in a virtual reality.
man 2: so it thinks it's a real person?
man 1: look. right now it thinks it's on a picnic.
and so
husband: honey, look at this article. it says that an alarmig number of people are actually brains in beakers.
wife: how odd. i wonder if our brain in a beaker could ever find out it's in a fake reality. how would it ever know?
husband: well, reality is impssible to fully duplicate. the programming would always have some flaw -- you could spot some resulting anomaly in your reality.
oop: like what?
husband: like, say, the current president's middle and last names are a letter away from the names of america's two most-hated villains of the past decade...
brain: or, perhaps, an absolutely bizarre comic strip that takes you to... the outer reaches of plot twists!
the end
Mar 30, 2012
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