Feb 18, 2011
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
After The Revolution
Man: We did it! We're free of the bloated federal gov'mint! Yee-hah!
Woman: Commies, freeloaders, moochers: Yer now out of luck! 
Woman: But, Pa, there's something wrong with the FARM! 
Man: Nothing our rugged individualism can't fix, I'm sure!
What is it?
Woman: Our U.S.D.A. subsidy check didn't arrive in the mail!
Man: Tarnation! That is peculiar!
Man: Okay, but we're all about self-reliance! So, let's just go HARVEST our social security checks!
Woman: They aren't there!
Man: Dagnabbit...OW!
Woman: Pa, you done shot yerself in the foot!
Man: Well, get the Ford and my MEDICARE CARD, and drive me to the hospital! 
Woman: Uh...about Medicare...wasn't that a benefit from the federal government!
Man: What are you talking about, woman? I just renewed the card online with MY OWN TWO HANDS!
NEXT on "After The Revolution"
Man: And when you start your shift at the post office, find out what happened to our durn checks! 
Woman: job at the post office?
Mar 4, 2011
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