Dec 10, 2010
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Tom the Dancing Bug by Ruben Bolling
Police Officer: Okay, "Mr. Wikileaks"! You've been convicted of espionage! Hope you enjoy your new home! HAW! HAW!
Bob Woodward: Assange! Welcome to the big house! it's a pretty tough crowd in here -- yer gonna need plenty of friends!
Julian Assange: Who...? 
Julian Assange: BOB WOODWARD!
Bob Woodward: Yeah. I've been in here since '73, when we pulled off the Watergate racket!
Bob Woodward: I'll introduce you to my gang -- the most incorrigible bunch of distributors of leaked classified information in all of cell block 8! 
Bob Woodward: Seymour "Knuckles" Hersh...Daniel "Butterfingers" Ellsberg...Carl "Hates Democracy" Bernstein. 
Tom Brokaw: Who's the fresh meet, Woody? 
Bob Woodward: Tom Brokaw! N-now, Assange just got here!
Tom Brokaw: Just make sure he knows the exercise yard weights are mine! 
Julian Assange: Whew! Tough gang, Woodward!
Bob Woodward: Hell, we've got decades-worth of PUBLISHERS who have disseminated leaks!
Bob Woodward: Rupert "The Fox" Murdoch..."Punch" Sulzberger...Robert "The Rat" Iger...Jack "Welcher" Welch...
NEXT on "Hard News, Hard Time": 
Julian Assange: You just published stuff TOP officials WANTED leaked!
Rupert Murdoch: Are you saying I'm not hardcore? 
Punch Sulzberger: Shiv 'im, Fox!
"Aussie Fight!"
Dec 24, 2010
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