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Tom the Dancing Bug

By Ruben Bolling
Mar 31, 2007
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super-fun-pak comix
the epic/brutal report
dude: dudes, i'm driving to wong's chinese. let's go.
dudes: epic!
dude: but first we gotta stop at deb's and help her move her couch.
dudes: brutal!
guy walks into a bar
guy: i'll bet $50 this duck can say a word meaning "phony doctor."
bartender: you're on!
duck: charlatan.
bartender: no, that's too generalized.
duck: he's right. pay the man.
cruel humor
sir 1: i played beethoven last night.
sir 2: who won?
sir 2: i'm terribly sorry. my punchlines always do that to people.
sir 1: i think i've re-injured my lumbar.
pong: the comic strip
marital mirth
wife: for the past 25 years, i withheld sex to spite you.
husband: i've beem withholding sex to spite you too!
wife: oh. that probably reduced my strategy's effectiveness.
absolutely real-life cartoons
"oh, did you renew the car registration today?"
"i don't know, granny. last week, they served tapioca. man, the cops had to break that joint up!"
"yeah, i could go as low as five. i'm not saying we will have to go that low, but we know we can. do i want to go to five? absolutely not. but if we have to, we could do it. i don't think they know that,, and i don't think it will come to that. but we could go tofive."
Apr 14, 2007
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