Sep 4, 2012
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When I was a kid, phones had cords, and families had only one. Our cars didn't necessarily have seat belts. And cartoons were only on Saturday morning on TV that only had 3 channels. Grandpa was poor.
Sep 6, 2012
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  1. Missing large
    Agent54  over 5 years ago

    Wrong answer kiddo, If you had a phone and a TV you where not poor. For 10 years we had neither, nor missed them. Seat belts was what Dad did if we misbehaved. We got belted.

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  2. Large unborn lives
    beviek  over 5 years ago

    Well, then we must have been poor and I think our tv only had two channels. But we did get an extra long cord for the phone! That was a big deal!

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  3. Missing large
    pauline_gangof4  over 5 years ago

    Deprived childhoods – and we didn’t even know it.

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  4. Large festerface
    gary4160  over 5 years ago

    had to use pliers to change the three channels on our b/w tv.

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  5. Large avatareddie05
    gregcartoon GC Insider over 5 years ago

    Anybody within traveling distance to Kenosha Wisconsin- I hope you’ve taken note of the box up there to the right, and you’ll come see me at the festival. Frankly, I’d love to seed the audience with Buckets fans, otherwise, it’s gonna be all ‘Pearls Before Swine’ fans, and you know what that leads to.

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  6. Large ronald reagan
    OldestandWisest  over 5 years ago

    Everybody was POOR then, compared to what people have now. The fact is, nobody (in this country, anyway) is poor in the sense anymore that it used to be defined, i.e., you don’t have a place to live, enough to eat, enough to wear, etc… We have so many social services now that the only reason for being poor in the true sense is just that someone isn’t aware of what available. Now being poor is defined as not having more than one flat screen TV, as not being able to live an upper middle class lifestyle.

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  7. Missing large
    burleigh2  over 5 years ago

    Well, I suppose in his day, anyone with a TV at all was considered “rich” by comparison. :-s

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  8. Missing large
    Comic Minister  over 5 years ago

    Frank must had some good past.

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  9. Large fb img 1520980020162
    Number Three (Free Afficionado)  over 5 years ago

    Think how lucky you and Toby are now, Eddie!


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  10. Large capture
    BRI-NO-MITE!! GC Insider over 5 years ago

    Only three channels? I figured Grandpa would be old enough to remember the Dumont Network.

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  11. Large canadalogo2018mockup
    Allan CB GC Insider over 5 years ago

    Exactly. It’s sad, to be honest. I’ve been on the street. I’ve been given second and third chances (I was homeless 2 times).

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  12. Large siberian tigers 22
    Hunter7  over 5 years ago

    We Were Not Poor!!! That telephone cord could stretch from the kitchen to almost every room in the house! You could get almost 5 gallons of gas for, gee what did I spend? a dollar?. Best (compared to now) was Saturday night at the movies with your pals, including gas for the car and popcorn & drink – $5 each. …. wow… forgot how cheap that was.

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  13. Large anim chromosomes
    chromosome GC Insider over 5 years ago

    Sure wish I could come! As to today’s toon, I remember having all the things Grandpa had and thinking we were doing pretty well!

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