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I am a HUGE Andy Capp fan which I have been reading since childhood. I love GoComics because of the humourous comic strips and the wonderful commenters.

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  1. about 18 hours ago on The Buckets

    There is even a game on Google Play where you throw a paper ball into a bin.

    Hmm, I’d rather do it in real life.


  2. about 18 hours ago on Pearls Before Swine

    I would hire him if he wrote an answer like that!


  3. about 18 hours ago on Peanuts

    I’m not sure about anybody else but I can fall asleep for a few minutes and have a “dream” where I’ve slipped or fallen over and that makes me wake up with a start.

    It only lasts a few seconds but it’s quite an unpleasant experience.

    Apparently it happens to everybody.


  4. about 18 hours ago on Pickles

    Sick of my Smartphone screen constantly getting dirty but a damp flannel over it works wonders.


  5. about 18 hours ago on Mutt & Jeff

    Jeff knows what he’s doing, Mutt.




  6. about 18 hours ago on Marmaduke

    Time to toss a coin.


  7. about 18 hours ago on Garfield

    That lump of coal looks more like a burnt biscuit to me.


  8. about 18 hours ago on Calvin and Hobbes

    What’s Calvin asking for this year?


  9. about 19 hours ago on Andy Capp

    Sell em’ on Ebay. I’m sure they will be of some use to somebody.

    Why not? I’m sure a lot of people sell total rubbish on Ebay.


  10. 2 days ago on The Buckets

    I love Eddie’s suggestion.

    It would be my dream come true to be locked in a room full of puppies.