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The Born Loser

By Art and Chip Sansom
Jan 5, 2013
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The Born Loser by Art & Chip Sansom
Gladys: Practicing hockey again? 
Wilberforce: I've been practicing so much, I'm getting to be a pretty good hockey player!
Gladys: Did you know I used to play hockey when I was young? 
Wilberforce: No way! Are you messin' with me? 
Gladys: No, I'm not. I played on my school's field hockey team. 
Wilberforce: You're messin' with me! I've never heard of field hockey! 
Gladys: It's an actual sport, and a great one at that! It's like ice hockey, except it's played on a grass field instead of an ice rink. 
Wilberforce: Now I know you're messin' with me - everybody knows you can't skate on grass!
Jan 7, 2013
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