Sep 21, 2013
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Rose: Goodnight, Jimbo. 
Jimbo: G'nite...I'll be up after this movie is over. 
Rose: This was on the other night...I fell asleep before the ending. 
Rose: There was no action...and no conventional plot. 
Jimbo: Well...I have to see what happens! 
Rose: Okay...the old man digs and digs finally he finds a rusty box...can you guess what's inside? Yup...a map...
Rose: A keep would have been better...
Rose: He hides the map under his pillow...who does that? Of course it's gone when he wakes up! 
Rose: Later we find out his nephew... totally hiding in the barn...but that's where...I...fell...
Jimbo: Rose! Rose?!
Rose: aren't you going to finish watching the movie? 
Jimbo: Not without your fascinating commentary!
Sep 23, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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