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Richard's Poor Almanac

By Richard Thompson
Feb 15, 2018
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richard's poor almanack. by richard thompson

garrulous drones
britney die-hards
banjo smashers
squished penny enthusiasts
the shy
the blogosphere

umpty-ump trillionth blog joins blogosphere
the blogosphere, a virtual community of interlinked web logs, announced the addition today of its umpty-ump trillionth member when ms. myrna hummel launched her blog, myrna's randomt houghts. ms. hummel's first post, "this pancake mix might be stale," was quickly linked to by over 5 million other blogs and fits in with the blogosphere's unstated mandate: the dissem-ination of pointless an-ecdotes & observations, the expression of ill-in-formed opinions and the circulation of cat photos. actually, catblogging ( the posting of cat pho-tos as blog filler) is a cause for concern-bloggers now so out-number cats that there is a severe shortage of unblogged cats. at current levels it will take a five-fold increase in kitten production to meet the demand for blog-unique cats. and the explosive growth of the blog-oshpere has alarmed some experts who fear it may soon reach a critical mass and achieve independnt conscious-neess, becoming a hive mind filled with point-less anecdotes. "this may be the end of human evolution," said
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ratio of bloggers to cats

pancake mix; stale?
All caught up!
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