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Richard's Poor Almanac

By Richard Thompson
Feb 19, 2018
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richard's poor almanac by richard thompson
corrections for 2006

several people in the news (k-fed, dick cheney & suri cruise) were fictitious, invent-ed to boost our circulation.

dog: grrr
because of a dropped com-ma, the may 12th "mutts" seemed to advocate a nu-clear strike on pyongyang.

a world map in the june 3rd a section indicated that pangea has reformed as "happyland." this isn't true.

man: yikes!
several readers complained of finding a live squirrel in their sunday supplements bag. this was an act of god, honest.

we've just learned that dick cheney (see above) is not fic-titious, but is instead a fleshy manifestation of the zeitgeist.

the august 4th kids post story "let's eat dirt" was all a big misunderstanding. but still, sorry!

and we're sorry we ran that sudoku with all the trans-posed numerals. hope it didn't ruin your day. ha-ha!

finally, some wise guy in the photo dept. keeps photshop-ping silly hats onto people's heads. he'd better cut it out!
All caught up!
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