Aug 12, 2017
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Aug 14, 2017
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  1. Seattle mormon temple7 thumb 1
    TEMPLO S.U.D.  3 months ago

    Is there also aerosol Rossini? (Just sayin’.)

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  2. Wap2p5uq normal
    Lee Cox  3 months ago

    And so do PTA meetings.

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  3. Missing large
    Kaputnik  3 months ago

    That was fairly surreal.

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  4. Avatar tmp 56884 thumb
    orinoco womble  3 months ago

    LOL!!! I have no memory of this one! Weird!

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  5. 9
    Axeɫ handeɫ  3 months ago

    How about Handel?.

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  6. Pixel avatar
    Bill S  3 months ago

    I remember when “Dry Gas” first came out in those little cans (supposed to eliminate any water in your gas tank to prevent fuel line freeze up during the Winter). My mom saw it and thought it was like ‘instant gas’ (like instant coffee) .. all you had to do was add the contents of that can to a gallon of water and you’d have a gallon of gas in case you ran out somewhere … As for Beethoven in a spray can .. can’t get more convenient than MP3s these days.

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  7. 581372 3160808303047 1311892651 n
    dlkrueger33  3 months ago

    I know something you don’t know! What? – Oreos come in a BOX! (Yes, this was really a commercial back in the ’60s!)

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  8. Image
    TrudyQ gc insider 3 months ago

    Was not expecting that!

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  9. Rh 3
    Robynhod  3 months ago

    It also comes in 5th’s

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  10. Joel lafargue
    JPuzzleWhiz  3 months ago

    Hey Lucy? You “mist” a spot! ;o)

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  11. Joel lafargue
    JPuzzleWhiz  3 months ago

    Let us spray…

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  12. Wizanim
    ChessPirate  3 months ago

    ♪♫ “I’m gonna spray that man right into the air…” ♪♫

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  13. Missing large
    hotshot1984  3 months ago

    I want some of that, perhaps they could also make fruit and vegetable scents for groups/singers from 50s to now, such as AC/DC apple, Rolling Raspberry Stones, Beatles Blueberry (inside pun, the Head Blue Meanie), Creedence Citrus, Lavender Zeppelin, so on.

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  14. Maxresdefault
    Richard Schwindt gc insider 3 months ago

    Possibly one of the very funniest strips.

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  15. Minnie mouse
    Number Three (Free Afficionado)  3 months ago

    That actually sounds fantastic.

    Where can I get some?


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  16. Photo
    fidgetsibehusky  3 months ago

    I wonder if Vince Guaraldi’s music comes in spray cans..

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  17. Missing large
    Ludwig van  3 months ago

    I would love canned Pathétique Sonata

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