Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller

Non Sequitur


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  1. Varnes

    Varnes said, 9 months ago

    Yeah, time doesn’t exist alright….at least that’s what I said the last time…..

  2. Varnes

    Varnes said, 9 months ago

    Wait, if the past is gone, by definition we are living in the future compared to then….Aren’t we always living in the future? Now is just the current future….And past, I guess…..Ever notice that the future never looks much different then the recent past?

  3. Blue Boy

    Blue Boy said, 9 months ago

    Time is relative to….whether I care what you think!!

  4. Linguist

    Linguist said, 9 months ago

    Curiosity makes us all climb the Grassy Knoll of Apathy, at least once in our lives. But who gives a …who cares ?

  5. Varnes

    Varnes said, 9 months ago

    And the future doesn’t actually exist before or until it happens does it? Axin’….

  6. Number Six

    Number Six said, 9 months ago

    “…lunchtime doubly so.”

  7. Rad-ish

    Rad-ish GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Time is just natures way of keeping everything from happening at once.

  8. dukedoug

    dukedoug said, 9 months ago

    Ahhh … but the present is a gift so enjoy it while you have it.

  9. NightShade09

    NightShade09 said, 9 months ago


    Are you quoting George Carlin? Or Sarah Palin?

  10. Kali39

    Kali39 said, 9 months ago

    Danae has now been quiet for three whole days. There must be something wrong…

  11. Imanartisthoney

    Imanartisthoney GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    I want this on a t-shirt

  12. pcolli

    pcolli said, 9 months ago


    She only texts and tweets when no-one’s looking.

  13. BrassOrchid

    BrassOrchid GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Time extends in all directions in three dimension. We only have awareness of one, being bound to forms contrived from chemical activity along that single line of progress, and we call that time. Danae is correct.

  14. gmartin997

    gmartin997 GoComics PRO Member said, 9 months ago

    Wait until you’re in the real world, Danae, and tell that to the boss when you’re late for work.

  15. jreckard

    jreckard said, 9 months ago

    Seems to me the concepts of “gone” and “not here yet” prove the existence of time.
    Or what does my watch measure?
    Remember watches?

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