Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller

Non Sequitur

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  1. cleokaya (THE FLASH)

    cleokaya (THE FLASH) GoComics PRO Member said, over 4 years ago

    Sorry it’s just me, I forgot my deodorant this morning.

  2. rayannina

    rayannina said, over 4 years ago


  3. Sisyphos

    Sisyphos said, over 4 years ago

    I’m kinda surprised the couple even glanced at him and his weakly-worded message!

  4. GrinsToYa

    GrinsToYa said, over 4 years ago

    rayannina… ya forgot one thing… kinda-sorta-maybe!

  5. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, over 4 years ago

    8 minutes to the end of another day…

  6. Arye Uygur

    Arye Uygur said, over 4 years ago

    OK, OK, so “Annie” can’t be resurrected, but at least all the episodes that Bob wrote could be continued in a slot here. I see my comments were edited out by whoever edits GoCo - I don’t mind because I see that all the spam has disappeared too. Well done!

    BTW I don’t WHINE - I merely COMMENT

  7. gmartin997

    gmartin997 said, over 4 years ago

    There are no absolutes.

    Google “Annie” and you’ll find out why.

  8. Coyoty

    Coyoty GoComics PRO Member said, over 4 years ago

    arye, you are whining. You are whining so much, people are flagging your posts because you’re spamming us. We get it, you miss Annie. To the point of obsession. Try transferring that obsession to another strip you can be happy with and give us some peace.

  9. Thirdguy

    Thirdguy said, over 4 years ago

    Armageddonish? Is that kind of like horse shoes and hand grenades? Close is good enough?

  10. Sandfan

    Sandfan GoComics PRO Member said, over 4 years ago

    My DOB is 12-12-43. So what’s all this fuss about my 69th birthday?

  11. grapfhics

    grapfhics said, over 4 years ago

    Sayhow are you sure that the Mayan calendar isn’t ending in November 6, 2012 allowing for leap years and all? Wouldn’t that be a pip?

  12. Submachine

    Submachine said, over 4 years ago

    Get your Bible it’s judgement day!

  13. cdward

    cdward said, over 4 years ago

    Guys, he’s just talking about his mother-in-law coming to visit.

  14. SCAATY_423

    SCAATY_423 said, over 4 years ago

    sayhowURfeelingB4URgone – No one can prove this in any way that you would accept…but I have this feeling that, somewhere, God is reading your post, and chuckling to Himself about which of you two will have the last word.

    Lighten up, bud. You sound angry and bitter, and that’s not at all a good way to go through life, regardless of whether you’re right or wrong about God.

  15. algurka

    algurka said, over 4 years ago

    With that kind of waffling, he should be standing in front of House of Waffles.

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