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Matt Bors

Mar 3, 2015
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Lifelong Hillary supporters don't think the thing she did was so bad. 
Sunday Takes
Hillary Supporter: The media loves makin' a BIG STINK. 
But Republicans have done the thing too! 
Critics though, they don't think it was good at all! 
Critic: There's a PATTERN with her - of doing things I don't like! 
Others? They have more nuanced views. 
Woman: It wasn't GREAT. But I don't care all that much. 
And the sexism: not OK. 
One thing's for sure: this is a cartoon about that. 
Matt Bors: Welp! That oughta be good for 2-9 years. I'm going to live in the woods - bye!
Mar 18, 2015
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