Oct 8, 2007
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Republican candidates can't be bothered to attend a debate thrown by African-Americans. 
Republican Candidate: Sorry. Scheduling conflict. 
Republican Candidate: I've got an appointment with my shoeshine boy on that day. 
Campaign staffers plan events in white enclaves to avoid embarrassing run-ins with brown folks. 
Old White Man: Teach me that black handshake thing!
Old White Man: I like Tupac. 
African-American Man: *
With no minority outreach, the GOP's base is constantly shrinking. 
Clarence Thomas: LATINOS have surpassed snake-handling Christians in breeding! 
News Anchor: It's official: Clarence Thomas is now the last remaining Uncle Tom. 
The 13 or so black people who vote Republican feel slighted. 
African-American Republican: The BLACK ELEPHANT Movement will not be ignored!
Where's Whitey?
Oct 12, 2007
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