Luann by Greg Evans



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  1. simpsonfan2

    simpsonfan2 said, 6 months ago

    It only has to last until Easter. Though since you get less candy then, perhaps some restraint is needed.

  2. IamJayBluE

    IamJayBluE GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    “Crush On Candy”
    “I Feel The Need, The Need For Greed”
    “Teeth Are Overrated”
    “Candy Is For Suckas!”

  3. IamJayBluE

    IamJayBluE GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    Maybe if Brad showed her that movie, “A Few Good Dentists”…. “You want the tooth? You can’t handle the tooth!”…

  4. Leviticus

    Leviticus GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    Come on, Toni. Be a sport. Let Shannon eat all of the candy now.

  5. Juan 2099

    Juan 2099 said, 6 months ago

    Geez… Is Brad a Communist?

  6. Mike Relevant

    Mike Relevant said, 6 months ago

    “I Want Candy”

  7. Leviticus

    Leviticus GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    I am surprised it did not work on Brad. Every lame brained scheme TJ came up with, Brad went along with. Guess TJ never tried to separate Brad from his candy.

  8. Brdshtt

    Brdshtt GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    Brad, have her sit down and eat it all now. In fact, make sure she eats it all. If she gets an upset tummy or feels miserable from eating it all, perhaps it might register in her gray matter. After all, she wants it now. Some times we need to learn that what we want can turn out to be not what we really want…

    And, she can see that Brad was right in making it last a while. In moderation, shall we say.

  9. IamJayBluE

    IamJayBluE GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    “Brought To You, By”:
    Daylight Savings Bar….. “With 8% more taste than any other bar, as long as it’s before 2 A.M.!”

    H.G. Aiche, Inc… Makers of Royds Bite Size Candies…. “Filled with B 12, Growteins, and a bunch of ohter useful ingredients…the taste will always grow on you!”..

    W&Ws candies…

    Starbust fruit chews… “They’re okay, I guess…”

    Rich Dennis Sugar Infused Circus Peanuts… “Wherever you find a good candy, you’ll find a Rich Dennis!”….

    Rolly Polly…makers of Fish Heads….

    and by…
    Marathon Chocolate Digestion Aids.. “Works so fast, It practically runs to your rescue!”..

  10. husky51

    husky51 said, 6 months ago

    As an experienced parent, the problem with that is once she is in the throes of a tummy-ache, at her age, she will not equate the ache with the action, all she ill know is that it hurts…

  11. Rj_tapled

    Rj_tapled said, 6 months ago

    Love the art work, crossed arms and legs, very natural.

  12. Brdshtt

    Brdshtt GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago


    I think, that at 6 years old (or so), Shannon will be able to equate the fact that she did not have the tummy ache prior to eating all the candy, and if Brad/Toni reinforce in her mind that that will be the result of eating too much candy at one time and it happens, she will most probably realize they were right.


    Case in point: When my son, Brian was between two and three years old, if you held him while standing near the dining table, he would reach out for one of the light bulbs on the chandalier. A 60 watt, small envelope, candelabra bulb runs pretty hot. Many times we would see his little hand reach out to touch a bulb and pull him away while saying “No touch, HOT!” At that age, he could not equate the word “hot” with pain. Many times other people or family members would be holding him while near the dining table, and that little hand would go that direction. One evening, he reached for one of the bulbs, and I said, “NO, Hot!” But this time I decided to let him touch it, knowing I would quickly pull him away on contact. He was looking straight at me. Out goes his little hand, one finger extended. So, he touches the bulb. You would have thought we were killing him. I pulled him back so fast, there was no time for it to burn and blister. I think it surprised him more than anything. After that, he knew what “hot” meant. Even at his age.


    Now, before someone rails on me and suggests that if he wanted to run out in front of a moving car to see if it hurts, would I let him do that – no, that would never happen. Gee, I’m mean.

  13. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 6 months ago

    I say let them pig out till they are sick. Might kick their habit of sugar our parents saddle us with.

  14. Night-Gaunt49

    Night-Gaunt49 said, 6 months ago


    That is basically how we connect feelings to words.

  15. spaced man spliff

    spaced man spliff GoComics PRO Member said, 6 months ago

    Actually, Shannon only has to wait till Valentine’s Day. Less candy than Halloween, but it’s better quality—that is, CHOK’LIT !!! Of course she needs a boyfriend to giver her said CHOK’LIT, and with her ‘tude, that don’t look forthcoming.

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