Jun 30, 2013
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Mom: "Want to invite Quill to join us on the 4th"
Luann: "Yeah! I'll text him right now!"
Luann: "Hi, Toni! What's up?"
Toni: "Brad and I have duty of July 4th, and I can't find a sitter for Shannon. I'm sure you have plans-"
Luann: "Don't worry, Toni, I'll take her"
Toni: "Luann, you are like the perfect sister I never had!"
Luann: "Thanks, Uh-gotta go"
Mom: "Everything ok?"
Luann: "I can't believe how much can happen in eight seconds"
Quill: "I'm there!"
Jul 2, 2013
Small u 201701251613

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