Nov 3, 2012
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Dad: "Need help, hon?"
Mom: "I'm ok"
Dad: "See how I did that? I knew she didn't need help. But by asking, I got points"
Brad: "I'll be sure Luann and I aren't here tonight"
Dad: "Thanks. But all a 'good point' does is erase a 'bad point"
Brad: "Ah"
Brad: "Do women every get 'bad points' or only men? Seems like we're always wrong and they're always right"
Dad: "That's why I do this: hon? You sure you don't need help?"
Mom: "Stop asking me that and come hang up your shirts!"
Brad: "Oops. Backfired"
Dad: "Darn. A good point just went bad"
Nov 5, 2012
Small u 201701251613

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