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  1. churchillwasright

    churchillwasright said, about 1 year ago


    Yes, Target is Number 20 in DiversityInc’s top 50, whatever that is.

    The subject of the toon is 3 disgruntled ex-employees who filed a discrimination lawsuit. "According to the complaint, Target gave its distribution warehouse managers a document entitled, “Organization Effectiveness, Employee and Labor Relations Multi-Cultural Tips,” which featured suggestions on how to manage Hispanic employees. The tips addressed variety of Hispanic stereotypes, from music to food to clothing.

    The document stated the following, according to the lawsuit:
    a. Food: not everyone eats tacos and burritos;
    b. Music: not everyone dances to salsa;
    c. Dress: not everyone wears a sombrero;
    d. Mexicans (lower education level, some may be undocumented);
    e. Cubans (Political refugees, legal status, higher education level); and
    f. They may say ‘OK, OK’ and pretend to understand, when they do not, just to save face.

    Target has since issued a Statement: “The content of the document referenced is not representative of who Target is… This document, which was used during conversations at one distribution center, was never part of any formal or company-wide training. We take accountability for its contents and are truly sorry.”

    Huffington Post, 7/9: Target Reminded Bosses Not All Hispanic Employees Eat Tacos, Wear Sombreros: Lawsuit

    As Alcaraz is a race-hustler of the ilk of an Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson, this is how he makes his living.

  2. NeoconMan

    NeoconMan said, about 1 year ago


    ^ Agreed. America will only work again once we demand all minorities give up their own cultures and traditions, and start acting like rich, old, white men.

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