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  1. MortyForTyrant

    MortyForTyrant said, 10 months ago

    Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, can tell me that Kerry’s “gaffe” wasn’t pre-planned! I’d like to subpoena that reporter and go through her phone logs. I bet the WH asked her to ask that question. Just look at the SPEED of things after that “gaffe”. Suddenly the Russians, THE RUSSIANS!, are on board with it and today Syria has signed the CWA. Something like this normally takes MONTH to decide internally. Something smells very fishy around here. If Karl Rove were still near the Oval I would suspect him…

  2. mskemple

    mskemple said, 10 months ago

    ^ It’s Bush’s fault!

  3. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    Rove was for it, before he was agin’ it, and now he’s totally confused because his “machine” has fallen off the rails. “Mr. Chubby Cheeks” is the ultimate rightwingnut, and has been since childhood, just like Grover Nutquist, ’er, NORquist. YEP, righites who formed their opinions at the age of 12 or so, and that “wisdom” based on experiences, marks the high point of radical conservatism?

    Negotiation is an art with many hidden “codes” imbedded in the portrait, that includes “gaffes”, that are quite often scripted. Remember, 12 year olds are easily deceived into forming lifetimes of error. Too bad so many are still following their tune. Hmm, then there’s “Rush” to stupid, three hours a day of BS propaganda, being swallowed whole.

    YEs, let’s hope the deal works, regardless who takes the “credit”.

  4. Rad-ish

    Rad-ish GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    I believe Ms Kemple has figured it out.

  5. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    ^Why? YOU guys keep insisting “W” isn’t in office any more, so why bother?

  6. churchillwasright

    churchillwasright said, 10 months ago


    MORTY: First of all:

    “White House officials spent several hours downplaying Kerry’s comment, calling it a “hypothetical,” a “rhetorical” comment — an anonymous American official even told CNN it was a “major goof.” And it sure looked like a comment tossed off without much thought — in the GIF at right, [see link] you can see Kerry throw up his hands at the idea. “But he isn’t about to do it,” Kerry said of Assad handing over all his chemical weapons, “and it can’t be done, obviously.”

    Which brings me to second of all. Kerry was right. It can’t be done, obviously. It will take years (I’ve heard 3 1/2) to catalog, remove and/or destroy the tons of CW the Syrians have. And that’s under the best of circumstances. In this specific circumstance, Syria is in the middle of a hot civil war. Nobody— especially the UN— is going to be walking around with clipboards cataloging drums of CW and loading them on trucks while things are blowing up around them. As the kids say: Obama got pwnd.

    John Kerry’s Gaffe Heard Round the World

  7. dtroutma

    dtroutma GoComics PRO Member said, 10 months ago

    Related regarding “language” and “gaffes”. Putin and Lavrov both obviously speak and understand English quite well. They always speak Russian, through a translator, for two basic reasons. 1. Speaking Russian supports “nationalism”. and 2. IF their is a “gaffe” that comes out, they can just blame it on the translator!!

    Statecraft often succeeds more with what’s NOT said, or said in “errors” denied, but acted upon, than “straight talk”.

    We used to get a LOT more information by playing “stupid” with “detainees”, and letting them blab away, than by always being articulate and to the point. It’s why even after Miranda, good interrogators could get lots of information, and even confessions, even when lawyers WERE present at questioning.

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