Heart of the City by Mark Tatulli

Heart of the City

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  1. snarkm

    snarkm said, 12 months ago

    What about the math tutoring she was supposed to get?

  2. Nabuquduriuzhur

    Nabuquduriuzhur said, 12 months ago

    An F to some, an A to others…

  3. Zero-Gabriel

    Zero-Gabriel said, 12 months ago


    I hope you’ll move on to great things…

  4. Zero-Gabriel

    Zero-Gabriel said, 12 months ago


    May the Force be with you…
    You’re gonna NEED it!

  5. samfran60

    samfran60 said, 12 months ago

    How soon we forget our dilemma of yesterday. I guess if we can get away with something and there are no consequences…….just go study, Heart. You’ll need math in the entertainment business even if its just to count all your money.

  6. cybergal29

    cybergal29 said, 12 months ago


    Yeah and those who get poor marks call those who get good marks “teacher’s pet” or make their lives miserable. It was after I graduated high school, that I found out that was why some morons made fun of me. Those morons eventually got theirs. Karma made sure of that.

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