Grand Avenue by Steve Breen and Mike Thompson

Grand Avenue

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  1. Leo Autodidact

    Leo Autodidact said, about 13 hours ago

    They were supposed to use that on OTHER people!

  2. edwardcjr

    edwardcjr said, about 7 hours ago

    Hmmm. Anybody else notice that the pattern on the chair has changed?

  3. JPuzzleWhiz

    JPuzzleWhiz said, about 5 hours ago


    Has it? Or is it that we see the front of the chair in Panel 1, but we see the back of it in Panel 2?

  4. JPuzzleWhiz

    JPuzzleWhiz said, about 5 hours ago

    And next, Gabby and Michael resort to the “guilt trip” strategy. Will Kate be able to resist?

  5. Observer fo Irony

    Observer fo Irony said, about 5 hours ago

    And all they wanted to do was go to the library.

  6. Comic Minister

    Comic Minister said, about 3 hours ago

    No idea.

  7. comicsssfan

    comicsssfan said, about 1 hour ago

    They should never give up on their dreams and they should be creative. But it has to be channeled right.

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