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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Nov 21, 2012
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Rob: Whoa, Buck, you're really running out of ideas for british-sounding horror movies. "Silence of the Llanddyfnans."? That's awful even for you. 
Bucky: I don't see you coming up with anything! And it's better than Satchel's idea!
Rob: I doubt that.
Bucky: Oh yeah? Go on, tell him your idea, Satchel.
Satchel: Well, it's set at a family reunion in Houston, while everybody plays touch football, the food is sitting in the sun and spoils, so when they eat it... It kills them. 
Bucky: Now tell him the title.
Satchel: The Texas Coleslaw Massacre.
Nov 23, 2012
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