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Get Fuzzy

By Darby Conley
Aug 6, 2012
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Satchel: Why isn't my movie about a kid with white makeup on. Walking on all fours like a crab scary?
Bucky: See, if you're going to write a conventional movie, I hate to say it. But you're gonna have to add a few people screeching like birds in it.
Satchel: Why?
Bucky: Well, you see a guy crawlin' on all fours, you figure he threw his back out like Rob, you see a pale-faced kid creeping' around, you think swine flu. But if you ask some dude on the street for the time and he screeches like a bird, you're covering your wallet.
Satchel: Mm-hm. Mm-hm.
Aug 8, 2012
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